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Our projets

Travel diaries:
As our progression will go on, we will record our meetings, impressions, experiences, and feelings in travel diaries, in which we will represent various aspects of the cultures met. We will try to account not only in the way we will perceive the individuals met, but also through their reactions (maybe through their feelings) to our regard. We will try to learn the different behaviours to adapt following the habits and customs of the regions crossed.
When we get back, these travel diaries will form the basis of our account on people’s life we met. Then, we will supplement these stories with photos and various recollections corresponding to the different steps made.

Photos and slides - Exhibitions and Conferences:

We wish to bring digital photographic material so that our account will be illustrated by numerous photographs and slides. Modern technologies will enable us to immortalise each meeting and get a part of the magnificence landscapes crossed. So we could share our various experiences when we get back.
Returning in France, we will make exhibitions and conferences to talk about our trip. These exhibitions could be presented to our partners, but also to each person doing us the honour of inviting us. Thanks to this exchange, we hope to transmit to numerous people, and in particular future generations, the will to live through the discovery of the others

• Several conferences are already planned after our return in all the main conference rooms of our department (list of foreseen conferences : La Bresse, Epinal, Remiremont, Neufchâteau, Gérardmer, Contrexeville, Saint – Dié.)

The documentary film
We have planned to make a documentary with all the pictures we will gather during the trip. This video will present every people’s cultures met and especially their musical aspects. This film will be the main support for our conferences and could even be offered to television channels.

The web site
We have created a web site dedicated to our project.
The site is structured like this folder: it presents the different steps of the project’s creation with the technical, human and financial aspects. Moreover, it has a forum so as to receive and send messages, and it gives numerous advice , tricks, cleverness for people passionate by bikes and travel.
The site will enable us to keep in touch with our family, friends and partners; and each time we will have the opportunity we will supply it with pictures, music and accounts.
The web access will also enable us to collect much useful information (weather forecast, politic situation, geography…). During the trip, Chrystel Mangel, our web master, will look after the site.

NB: Unlike people usually think , there are many cyber-bars everywhere in the world. They are specially located in poor countries where people passionate by the net who can’t afford a computer can surf on the net.

Once back in France, we will go through the interviews we may be invited to. We hope the media will be interested in our token and that they will allow its distribution.

• Partnership with Radio La Bresse and Radio Gué Mozot in order to diffuse our “musical travel diaries”
• Interview during 40 minutes by Radio Gué Mozot and passage on France Bleue Sud Lorraine (radio with regional diffusion).
• 1 newspaper in L’est républicain Doubs and 1st page plus newspaper in La Liberté de L’est. 1.

Meetings in high schools

We will offer our help to high schools so as to awake young people’s interest for music and geography. During the trip, we will correspond by post or by the internet with students of a class in order to give their geographic program a concrete aspect.
We will try with a monthly e-mail to describe them our environment. We will first meet the students before our departure so that each one can know us.
When we are back, we will do conferences in the partner high schools with the students. Furthermore, we will animate music work rooms so as to awake students to music and let them discover all the different kinds of world music.

• Partnership with The Entertainment and Culture House (MLC) of La Bresse and with the Cornimont collège.