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Presentation of the trip

For many years, we have been feeling the need for discoveries and escapes. So, as we are both passionate in discovering new horizons and new cultures, we decided to plan a mountain bike tour around the world. This tour was carried out from october 2002 to october 2003.

We are interested in all kinds of music, particularly in music of the world.
Indeed, traditional music (Oriental, African, European…) are literally enjoyable and represent a real source of energy for us. This project is called: “ A musical mountain bike world tour”.

Here is the country list that we have been travelling through : France, Tunisia, Egypt, India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Mongolia, Russia.

Our main wish is not to make this trip in an individual view, but rather to meet people of the world so as to bring back a statement of their every day life and their means of musical expression.

Despite the numerous differences between men in their way of thinking and dressing…, we are all brothers and sisters and our mother is the Earth. We want to meet our brothers from different cultures in order to be able to share with them our feelings and our visions of the world. We will discover their cultures, and they will discover ours.

To discover other ways of living and thinking will enable us to get separate from our western culture. This trip represents for us a priceless chance of discovering other people, other cultures.