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Our deeper motivations
In order to share our experience at best on our return, we have decided to use the current audio-visual means (photos, videos…). They will enable us to get many pictures and sounds to illustrate our trip.
These slices of life will then be exploited so as to make a documentary film, photos exhibitions, conferences and so on… NB: We will be given courses so as to use the audio-visual means in the best manner by a friend: Emmanuel Colin (in charge of the photos and videos department in Cora, Remiremont).

We wish to make this trip with our favourite means of transport: the mountain bike.

This means of transport is quite fast, moreover it is not noisy or polluting and it can go everywhere. It provides a direct contact with nature which will help us to observe in a better way the countries we go through: you don’t travel by bike the same way you travel by car. Actually, it is pretty much easier to gaze at nature, its forms, its colours and its wonders by bike rather than by car. Always outdoor and in our element, nature, we will be able to discover some real tips of the world.

Thanks to our bikes, we will take advantage of a bigger freedom so as to go out of the beaten tracks and meet people from rich and various cultures. The view of the tourist who goes to a country to find exactly the same things as in his country absolutely doesn’t interest us. We will live entirely with the local people, and we hope to understand the country and its population. Thus, the tokens gathered will be the result of a real exchange.

Concerning the daily distance we will travel through, we prefer speaking in hours by bike rather than to give a precise mileage. We planned to cycle about 5 hours a day. Indeed, numerous parameters can influence the distance we will go over: the gradient of the road and the presence or not of wind are determining parameters of a more or less fast progression.

Our trip won’t consist in a race against time: the number of miles and the time put to cover them don’t interest us. The main challenge will be to live entirely in touch with the residents and to try to become integrated at best to the different local populations.
Even if we don’t race, this will be a real sport adventure. We will have to go on to the bitter end of ourselves. We will have to do lots of concessions and be strong physically and mentally. As a matter of fact, we leave with the intention of pushing our limits away.
Thus, to lap the world tour won’t be our purpose for we prefer to privilege the richness of the meetings.
Moreover, we can’t plan what difficulties we will face. They may stop us for several weeks or even force us to go back (serious illness, accident…).

This trip will be made in complete autonomy. It means that we have planned no budget for accommodation. We only depend on the quality of our tents and sleeping bags and on the potential hospitality of the people met.

From Egypt’s pyramids to Machu Pichu ruins, we want to know absolute simplicity, to relearn confidence, tolerance and humility.

“ I shall be gone and live or stay and die”. Shakespeare.